Enrolled patients have the advantage of lower-cost GP visits, cheaper prescriptions, access to free doctor & nurse consultations for certain medical conditions and many other benefits.

How to Join Our Practice

Current capitation funding in New Zealand requires patients to be enrolled at a medical practice. This must be done on a signed enrolment form.

Please Note:  due to Government regulations if you do not visit your doctor for 3 years, your enrolment is automatically cancelled, and you will need to re-enroll in order to receive the Government subsidy. With the current critical shortage of GP’s you may find the enrolment register closed in most practices and often casual patients cannot get appointments. It is very important to stay enrolled with us at all times.

To enroll with us you can:

  • Visit reception and fill in the form OR
  • Read the ProCare Privacy Policy then print the Enrolment form,  fill it in, and post or email to-  [email protected], OR
  • Phone and have a form posted out to you to complete.
  • Bring along or post a copy of either your birth certificate or passport
    (The Ministry of Health now  requires proof of  patient  eligibility for every patient enrolled in a general practice).


Test Results Protocol

We would like to be able to inform you of all your test results but this is not possible due to the huge number of results we have coming through all the time.

Our Policy is, therefore, not to routinely notify you of NORMAL blood results or results which do not affect your treatment.

All of your lab results are available for you to view online. Our receptionists can help organise this for you.

We will endeavour to inform you of results of X-RAYS and SCANS and other significant examinations which we have requested.

We will ALWAYS inform you of SIGNIFICANT ABNORMAL results – either by phone, email, text or, if we are unable to contact you, by a letter advising you to ring the Practice to discuss results.

You may of course phone and discuss ANY result with the nurse if you wish and encourage you to phone for an appointment if any test result requires clarification.